An introduction to the analysis of channel marketing dual

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Direct marketing, indirect profits: A strategic analysis of dual-channel supply-chain design

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Marketing channel

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A definition of the term dual-channel marketing is presented. The term takes place when business enterprises sell virtually the same goods or services to both consumers and businesses. The most common form occurs when a product is first sold in business markets and then is adapted to consumer.

MKT In Store Channel Analysis • In store channels is quite possibly the best marketing strategy. • An in store sale brings customers to see how well the physical quality of an item is.

• A sales associate can also help promote the product in person%(16). Introduction of dual-channel gives more options of buying to the end customer and from theorem −2, we can conclude that the end customer gets benefited more if dual channels are introduced by channel member as more marketing units compete for customers and revenues.

CHIANG, CHHAJED, AND HESS Strategic Analysis of Dual-Channel Supply Chain Design market,asegmentthatitsdealernetworkwasn’tserv-ing.(Keenan).

Marketing channel

Jun 26,  · A channel acts as an important part of your small business's overall marketing strategy and is one of the “Four Ps” of marketing -- product, promotion, price and placement, or distribution. Here, direct marketing is used for strategic channel control purposes even though it is inefficient on its own and, surprisingly, it can profit the manufacturer even when so direct sales occur.

Specifically, we construct a price-setting game between a manufacturer and its independent retailer.

Distribution Channels and Marketing Analysis An introduction to the analysis of channel marketing dual
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