An introduction to the issue of international terrorism

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See world news photos and videos at International terrorism is the use of political violence to gain specific goals by force. These acts of terrorism may be practiced on individuals, governments, and religious groups. The purpose of terrorism is to promote terror, in that case, the population is force into fear and the delusi.

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Introduction to International Criminal Law from Case Western Reserve University. -- About the Course -- From the Nuremberg trial to the case against Saddam Hussein, from the prosecution of Al-Qaeda terrorists to the trial of Somali pirates – no. Geoffrey Wawro, Warfare And Society In Europe p, Routledge (London, ).

All these issues must be considered in this course. And yet, it is the firm belief of the author that the underlying principles developed for some hundreds of years to control, regulate and ameliorate the frightfulness of war, are just as applicable in the post-9/11 world.

The issue of terrorism Introduction: The issue of terrorism is one of the main concerns in the recent world. September 11/ attack in the twin tower of USA, bombing in Madrid and London bombing has raised a serious concern in this matter. terrorism (a short introduction) Page 1 of 14 INTRODUCTION: The history of mankind is replete with tales of horror of some power-wielding humans going mad, while others have been the victims of their unimaginable brutalities/5(12).

An introduction to the issue of international terrorism
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