An introduction to the life of john joseph gotti

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The fifth of 13 children raised by his Italian immigrant parents John and Frannie, John Joseph Gotti was born in the South Bronx on October 27, It was a hardscrabble life with Gotti’s father earning a living as a day laborer.

John Gotti

John Gotti: John Gotti, American organized-crime boss whose flamboyant lifestyle and frequent trials made him a prominent figure. He served as head of the Gambino crime family, and in he was convicted of various crimes, including murder.

Sentenced to life in prison, Gotti died while incarcerated. John Gotti used violence throughout his life, which was fueled by power and extreme anger. This is shown through the murders of Paul Castellano and Thomas Bilotti and the situation of John Favara and Gotti’s son Frank.

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Other undercover officers, including Det. John Sampson of the Broward Sheriff's Office, would shadow Green in case he got in trouble. Sampson had conducted extensive surveillance on Gold Coast and. John Gotti was a mobster who became the boss of the Gambino crime family.

He was known to the media as the Teflon Don as charges against him didn't stick.

John A. Gotti: 22 Need-to-Know Facts about the Mob Boss’ Son An introduction to the life of john joseph gotti
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