An introduction to the uss maine in havana cuba

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The Maine explodes

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Monument to the Victims of the USS Maine, Havana

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The USS Maine (ACR-1) was a US naval warship of the 19th century named after the Maine State. The 6,ton vessel was initially referred to as the Armored Cruiser. The design and subsequent construction of the warship was approved by the US Congress in The USS Maine was destroyed in the Havana harbor, Cuba, on February 15, The USS Maine was a second-class battleship that had been built between and /4(1).

Hostilities broke out after the sinking of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor. The battleship had ostensibly been sent to Cuba on a “friendship mission,” but it was obviously there to safeguard American interests.

Introduction to Walter Reed Inthe United States went to war with Spain following the sinking of the USS Maine in the harbor of Havana, Cuba. In the following months, the U.S. deployed thousands of men to invade and occupy Cuba, in an effort to eliminate Spanish control.

U.S.S. Maine Was Sunk February 15, Have you ever played the game Battleship? To sink your opponent's ships you have to guess where the ships lie on a grid of numbers and letters.

An introduction to the uss maine in havana cuba
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U.S.S. Maine Was Sunk