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Michael Pollan’s “Why Bother” opens the reader’s eyes in a powerful manor to global warming and related environmental issues. Pollan uses rhetorical strategies such as current and past events, logos and pathos to persuade the reader “to bother”() and start thinking of the environment as an issue that involves all of the people.

Mar 09,  · Casey NeeProfessor Brian FoleyCollege WritingFebruary 14, Response Essay First Draft Michael Pollan’s essay “Why Bother” discusses the effects of climate change on our way of life.

In his essay Pollan talks about the danger we are in and discusses all the terrible things that could happen to us if we don’t “bother”. Michael Pollan’s “Why Bother?

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Instructions: You will compose a thesis-driven essay that makes use of at least two of the following four essays (all essays are in Chapter 17 of Greene and Lidinsky).

Michael pollan why bother essay help
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